SoHy Co-op plans pop-up art park in downtown Hyattsville


Michael Theis

Highlighted in yellow, 4503, 4505, and 4508 Hamilton Street in downtown Hyattsville.

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Hyattsville City Council approved a request from the SoHy Co-op to create a temporary park space on Hamilton Street in the heart of the city’s Baltimore Avenue corridor.

Dubbed “The Spot”, the pop-up park would be located on lots at 4503, 4505 and 4508 Hamilton Street. According to a letter from SoHy Co-op co-founders Krissi Humbard and Bronwyn King, the space would feature seating, tables, lights and art displays. The space would be used for events, including live music, food trucks, maybe some booze, and a vendors market, and it would be open to the public outside of planned special events. 

Today, the lots are empty. They are located just south of the EYA Arts District development, just north of Franklins, and just off the Trolley Trail. Until relatively-recently, they were the site of several automotive repair shops. The shops were purchased and demolished by the city of Hyattsville back in 2012 for its long-term goal of building a parking garage to service the city’s Baltimore Avenue downtown core. 

SoHy Co-op, a nonprofit founded to promote businesses in the southern Hyattsville Route 1 corridor, plans to host monthly events on a to-be-determined Saturday evening from May through October. 

The request, specifically for a short-term events use agreement between the city and SoHy Co-Op, was approved unanimously as part of City Council’s consent agenda at its May 19, 2021, meeting.

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