A middle-aged African American man, wearing a brown jacket with a grey sweater and blue shirt, sits at a wood-paneled dais, gesturing as he speaks. Above and behind him, a sign reads "Greenbelt." Infront of him, a placard reads “Emmet V. Jordan, Mayor” To the left of him sits a younger African-American man wearing a dark shirt, infront of a placard reading “Colin A. Byrd, Councilmember”. To the right, an older white woman sits, wearing a matching red blazer and necklace, her nameplate reads “Judith F. Davis, Mayor Pro-Tem.”

Beltway Plaza redevelopment gets ‘conditional’ support of Greenbelt Council

Greenbelt City Council voted to conditionally support a conceptual redevelopment proposal for Beltway Plaza Mall. The action took place at its Feb. 11, 2019, meeting. While the mall’s owners, Bethesda-based Quantum Cos. hailed the move, there’s still a chance Greenbelt could end up opposing the conceptual site plan if city officials and the mall’s owners fail to agree on conditions set down during the meeting.

A group of five older, white adults, (two women, three men) around a table in conversation. On the table are pictures, diagrams and other papers. Behind them, an African American woman looks their way.

Magruder Park redesign concepts move ahead

What does the future hold for Magruder Park? Hyattsville residents had another chance to weigh in on a proposal to redesign the park at a “listening session” held Feb. 7, 2019. Judging by the response, the dozen-or-so attendees at the event seemed broadly receptive to many elements of the conceptual redesign plans. “I am encouraged.