Prince George’s News Roundup – May 23, 2018


In today’s roundup: Don’t call Prince George’s County “Ward 9” and a host of primary election news.

WAMU: How Prince George’s County came to be ‘Ward 9’ – to mixed reviews.

Key excerpt: “We’re OK with ‘Greater Washington D.C.,’ but not that we’re a ward,” says local resident Steve Lilly. “No one here wants to be governed by or even insinuated that we’re associated with any of the political people in D.C.”

Washington Post: Donna Edwards lands SEIU endorsement in race for County’s top job

Key excerpt: “Mark McLaurin, the political director for SEIU Local 500, which has 15,000 members statewide, said the group has confidence in Edwards to “clean house” in the county’s struggling public education system and focus on improving its early-education programs.”

Governing: Maryland Democratic governor candidates attack Hogan during first televised debate

Key excerpt: “Goucher College political scientist Mileah Kromer said she noticed the candidates criticized Hogan about four times as often as President Donald Trump — marking a shift in strategy from earlier in the campaign.

‘They’re shifting the focus away from Trump,’ said Kromer, who runs the Goucher Poll. ‘Our poll suggests that it’s undeniable that if you like Hogan you’re more likely to vote for him. Decreasing his popularity is important to them.'”

Baltimore Sun: In Maryland’s ‘I’m the only candidate who…’ debate, redistricting reform provides a real distinction

Key excerpt: “Making an argument that Maryland can’t do anything to hurt Democrats’ chances of controlling the House of Representatives might sound good in a party primary. But how’s it going to sound in the general election when Governor Hogan and his $9 million in cash on hand (so far) hammer home his unqualified support for a piece of good government most Marylanders say they want?”

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