Seen extremely close up, crystals of frost cling to a sprig of grass on a frosted tree trunk laying on its side in a shaded meadow.

Reporter’s Notebook: Holiday edition

Hello everyone; Happy holidays to all! NEWS ROUNDUP

Our most-read story published this past week was an update on University of Maryland’s search for new intramural fields. Administration officials had proposed to locate the fields on the campus golf course, a move bitterly contested by some nearby residents and golfers. Before that plan could move forward, the school’s Facilities Council would have had to sign off on it. However, they asked administration officials to more-fully study alternate proposals.  The move gives course preservationists some breathing room to organize their efforts.

Week two progress report: Developing a beat

City council meetings are easy to cover, for the most part. You go to them, there is an agenda of things that people will talk about, it is usually accompanied by extensive documentation of the things to be discussed, and you write about what the people at the meetings talked the longest about. All the research is done for you and the quotes are served on a silver platter. On weeks with a lot of council meetings up and down the Route 1 corridor, my cup overfloweth with stories. This past week was a challenge, owing to the end of the month slowdown in council schedules, but I managed to find my own news stories that helped to drive the cycle.