Peace Cross Now a Satanic ‘Monument,’ Too

The national Satanic Temple church will adopt the Bladensburg Peace Cross as a monument to Satan and Satanic veterans.

Port Towns consider Peace Cross Supreme Court filings

As it appeals a lower court decision over the fate of the Bladensburg Peace Cross, the Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission is asking for help from Bladensburg-area cities. Specifically, M-NCPPC officials have been approaching Prince George’s County’s “Port Towns” – the municipalities of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City and Edmonston whose history is linked to the old port of Bladensburg – to ask if they would like to co-sign on an amicus brief to be filed with the Supreme Court supporting the appeal at no cost to the municipalities. Amicus briefs – also called “friend of the court” brief,” are filed with Supreme Court cases by third parties to argue on side of an issue or another – At its meeting this past week, Edmonston Town Council considered the offer without taking action. The consensus was to see what the MNCPPC brief says before taking final action. In 2017, a federal appeals court ruled the Bladensburg Peace Cross, by virtue of its shape, unnecessarily entangled the government in religion.