Should Magruder Park change names to shed racist past?

Some Hyattsville residents and elected officials want to rename Magruder Park, saying its namesake was a supporter of segregation and a Confederate sympathizer. 
The move comes amid a national debate about the appropriateness of monuments to the Confederacy, as well as an city initiative to create a long-term plan for the park, dubbed the Magruder Park “re-imagining.”
The name-change proposal vaulted into the city’s discourse earlier this week after Jim Groves, a prominent civic activist and occasional candidate for Hyattsville City Council, suggested it on a Hyattsville email listserv. Groves, in a Sept. 19, 2018 message to the listserv proposed changing the name. His rationale was that Magruder Park’s namesake, William Pinkney Magruder, donated the land to the park under terms that prohibited it from being used by anyone other than whites. Renaming the park has the support of a number of Hyattsville City Council members.