Sewer repairs could disrupt Anacostia River Trail

Repairs to a large sewage line could result in periodic detours or closures of the Anacostia River Trail south of Bladensburg over a span of nine months, according to officials from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. A timeline isn’t final, but work could begin by late 2018. At a May 30 public meeting held at Bladensburg Waterfront Park, utility officials outlined plans to rehabilitate a massive sewage line that runs along the eastern edge of the Anacostia River starting in Bladensburg. The sewage line is a 102-inch trunk sewer through which one-third of all WSSC’s wastewater flows on a septic voyage to the Blue Plains Water Treatment Plant in Southwest D.C. Constructed in 1977, it is the largest pipe in WSSC’s entire wastewater system. On an average day without rainfall, 45 million gallons of sewage flows through it.