Help Wanted: Mount Rainier talks city manager hiring strategy

Mount Rainier’s city manager office remains vacant as city officials try to figure out a recruitment plan to find a replacement. During a special session, Mount Rainier City Council discussed the issue during its Sept. 24, 2019, meeting. Mount Rainier’s human resources director D’alizza Mercedes told City Council the lack of a city manager has caused “turmoil” for city staff. “The fact that we are in a very interesting position without a city manager is quite difficult,” said Mercedes before Council during a special meeting called Sept.

Whistle-blown: Mount Rainier IDs worker who complained of sexual harassment

Mount Rainier city officials appear to have publicly identified a former employee who filed sexual harassment complaints against the city. The identification of the former employee by city officials comes amid new media reports of allegations of sexual harassment and financial irregularities within the Mount Rainier City Police Department that first came to light in 2018. Such a revelation also runs counter to state personnel record disclosure laws, potentially exposing the city to legal liability. Maryland state laws, particularly its Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights, Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act, grant broad protections against the disclosure or public discussion of personnel records of government employees by government employees. Mount Rainier city officials have recently used these laws as the legal justification to withhold the identities of officers and police staff who may have been the subject – either as accused or accusers – of 2018’s investigations.