A small storefront is seen at night, it features a column of rainbow-colored bricks. The inside is brightly lit, seen through large windows next to a far door.

Reporter’s Notebook: Good news for Mt. Rainier library; College Park fee review; Berwyn Heights tweaks charter

I hope you all had a warm and wonderful snow-filled weekend. Here’s hoping it doesn’t put too much of a damper on your early-week plans. Word on the street is most Route 1 communities reported few issues with snow clearance. It always helps matters when the snowstorm is on a weekend. From Route 1 Reporter’s world headquarters in Berwyn, crews were seen at all hours working city and state roads alike.

Seen extremely close up, crystals of frost cling to a sprig of grass on a frosted tree trunk laying on its side in a shaded meadow.

Reporter’s Notebook: Holiday edition

Hello everyone; Happy holidays to all! NEWS ROUNDUP

Our most-read story published this past week was an update on University of Maryland’s search for new intramural fields. Administration officials had proposed to locate the fields on the campus golf course, a move bitterly contested by some nearby residents and golfers. Before that plan could move forward, the school’s Facilities Council would have had to sign off on it. However, they asked administration officials to more-fully study alternate proposals.  The move gives course preservationists some breathing room to organize their efforts.

Reporter’s Notebook: Busy December so far!

Once again, I can’t do it without you guys, so a big hearty thank you for your continued support of Route 1 Reporter! You give dignity to my work, and for that I am grateful. 

This Reporter’s Notebook is going to be a quick one. Last week was heavy on the news, with several big stories advancing down the pike. For instance, College Park residents are awaiting word of the decision of the University of Maryland Facilities Commission as to whether or not it will recommend building athletic fields on the campus golf course, Hyattsville saw a new police chief sworn in, Berwn Heights has a new Mayor, and a major new bike path extension will connect Beltsville (and beyond) to the regional trail network. 

This week, we have meetings of the Hyattsville City Council and the Mount Rainier City Council. Also be on the lookout for the results of that facilities commission meeting!

A partly-cloudy winter sky hovers over Riverdale Park Station at dusk, seen looking west from the Van Buren Street overpass. In the foreground, the concrete bridge platform curves away from the viewer, leading the eye to an unadorned concrete structure in the center of the photograph. This is the parking garage. It is flanked by rows of townhomes. A white sports utility vehicle is seen on the bridge, driving eastbound.

Reporter’s Notebook: Big development news last week

It may be repetitive, but once again, I start another Reporter’s Notebook with a big hearty thank you to all of Route 1 Reporter’s subscribers! Last week was a busy one on the news front, especially if you are into development. For starters, Route 1 Reporter was the first news outlet to report on new development activity at Riverdale Park Station, where hundreds of new apartments are either about to start construction or enter the development review pipeline. In all, more than 850 apartment units are planned for the development on parcels closest to the CSX tracks. More on this story below.