$75,000 College Park Grant Brings Shop Made in D.C. to New City Hall


Shop Made in D.C.

A collage of images depict scenes from Shop Made in D.C.'s existing retail stores.

College Park will give a $75,000 grant to help a retailer build a store in its new, soon-to-open mixed-use City Hall. 

At its Oct. 12, 2021, meeting, College Park City Council unanimously approved a measure granting the funds to the company that runs the Shop Made In D.C. chain of locally-focused craft stores. With those $75,000, granted from the city’s American Recovery Act funding, Shop Made in D.C. plans to launch a Shop Made in Maryland store at City Hall.

College Park’s planned City Hall, seen in a July 2019 rendering.

Led by founders Stacey Price and Michael Babin, the Shop Made in D.C. brand is a brick-and-mortar retail chain focused on goods from local businesses and artists. Price has four locations in D.C. and is planning a two-shop expansion into Virginia under Shop Made in VA branding. The College Park store would be its first location in Maryland. 

In addition to retail wares, the shop will feature a coffee bar and small cafe operated by Cameo Coffee. Llike its existing D.C.-branded stores, the College Park store will offer a  program of classes and happy hours.

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  1. This is pretty cool! Seems like a good tenant for the City Hall. Haven’t been to their stores, but the concept seems perfect for when you want to bring gifts to out-of-staters

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