One thought on “Hyattsville eyes rent control, tenant rights, public land for affordable housing strategy

  1. I love the racial, cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of Hyattsville and hope it is able to be preserved. I love that neighbors works at Franklin’s, Meadworks, Vigilante, etc, it’s part of the small town feel I appreciate so much. I’m glad Hyattsville is addressing this issue, however, I have concerns that the county isn’t pursuing a similar strategy and it seems the city is going it alone, which is fine, but I really wish the county would do more too. Lastly, my biggest concern (perhaps I am incorrect in this assessment) other than properties occupied by Police, DPW, and the City offices, what land does Hyattsville own that isn’t in a flood plain? Affordable housing is great, affordable housing in a flood plain is not.

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