For hire: City manager willing to live in College Park…maybe


Michael Theis

Overlooking downtown College Park's souther Baltimore Avenue corridor.

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College Park officials have released an extensive “help-wanted” ad of-sorts, issuing a six-page brochure detailing exactly what it wants out of its next city manager.

Scott Somers, College Park’s most-recent city manager, resigned from the position in late 2020.

The pamphlet lists the desired capabilities sought for the position, including high ethical standards and the emotional intelligence to lead other leaders.

The position will pay between $140,000 and $190,000 plus benefits, depending on experience. Uniquely, the city’s charter also requires the city manager live in College Park, but it also allows the city to waive that requirement at City Council’s discretion. 

At its Jan. 19, 2021 City Council work session, Council members discussed whether or not to preemptively waive the requirement. In the end, they decided to keep the requirement in the recruiting materials, but remained open to granting the waiver if needed. Mayor Patrick Wojahn noted that it could pose a challenge to recruit candidates willing to restrict where they may live next. 

For the record, Somers lived inside College Park’s borders. Wojahn said during the meeting that Somers was apprehensive about asking for a residency waiver as he was starting the new role. 

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