Hyattsville group appeal recent Magruder Pointe decisions


Werrlein Properties

A rendering shows townhomes planned for the upper lot of the Magruder Pointe project.

A group of Hyattsville residents hope either the Prince George's County Council or a county judge will overturn recent Planning Board approvals related to the controversial Magruder Pointe development. If the project goes forward, developers Werrlein Properties will build a total of 71 homes on the site, a mix...
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One thought on “Hyattsville group appeal recent Magruder Pointe decisions

  1. Not all development is good and not all development is bad. Fighting all development as Greg Smith has continued to do is the difference between being a member of the liberal elite vs liberal inclusive. The Suffragette development is the lowest density that should be considered for a redevelopment of an existing site in the name of sustainable development. If it isn’t going to be dense SFR & townhomes than it needs to be mixed use retail, apartment, condo, etc. to make the most of the already developed land into to something that will support a greater number of people. Land is a limited resource and the more productive an acre of land is the less we need to develop more of it. This site is an easy bike or bus ride to the West Hyattsville Metro station, walking distance to restaurants, grocery, and entertainment and should be developed in a manner that encourages walk-ability rather than low density housing. The argument in the lawsuit is flawed and misguided.

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