Reminder: Prince George’s retail, transit mask mandate begins April 15


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Starting April 15, 2020, Prince Georgians will be required to wear masks while shopping inside grocery stores, pharmacies and while riding TheBus.  It’s part of an executive order issued by County Executive Angela Alsobrooks April 13, 2020, to try and slow the rapidly-spreading new coronavirus in Prince George’s County.

The order also requires grocery stores, pharmacies and large retailers to promote social distancing inside and outside of the stores while customers wait.

“We know there are people with the virus who are walking around and showing no symptoms, and these actions will prevent them from spreading it to others,” said Alsobrooks, announcing the executive order.

Since early March, the TheBus system has been running on reduced service. Staff have been sanitizing handrails, seats and other high-touch areas on buses as part of the daily cleaning process. Many buses are cleaned twice a day between the morning and evening peak-hour runs. TheBus is also using foggers to administer disinfectant throughout the buses and is also providing hand sanitizer for patrons.

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