6 thoughts on “Video: Mount Rainier Council lambasts Cecil for leaked emails

  1. What a self-righteous jerk Cecil is. Glad he is not my rep. It would be interesting to know what he told the reporter off the record. Because Cecil has admitted it, my understanding is the reporter is no longer bound by that agreement.

    • I think it is a good thing that Scott Ceccil isn’t putting his head in the sand like all the other politicians here and I’m glad he’s my rep!

    • Your understanding is incorrect. R1R would no longer be bound if Cecil revealed the information they discussed.

  2. Scott should run for mayor. Based on this video alone, he’s clearly the only one on this body with any sense.

    Chesek’s spiel about what R1R should be writing was particularly pathetic. The only reason I know about any of the things he listed was because I read about it on this website. He should be ashamed of himself for that comment.

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