Update: Beltway Plaza Planning Board decision delayed


A diagram shows a proposed overhead layout for a six-phase redevelopment of Beltway Plaza in Greenbelt.

The Prince George’s County Planning Board delayed until Feb. 20, 2020, consideration of preliminary plans for Beltway Plaza’s proposed redevelopment. The vote to delay occurred at the Planning Board’s Feb. 6, 2020, meeting. The delay was sought by the mall’s owners to give time for the city of Greenbelt to weigh in on the matter, which it is expected to do at its Feb. 10, 2020, meeting.

The proposal to redevelop Beltway Plaza is somewhat controversial on Greenbelt’s City Council. Most-recently, City Council members were taken aback by the removal of planned townhomes originally considered for the redevelopment. 

The six-phase conceptual plans by Quantum would add  between 875 and 2250 multi-family units, and replace the 800,000 square-foot central mall with between 435,000 and 700,000 square feet of commercial retail space.

Beltway Plaza redevelopment – a timeline:

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