Hyattsville and backyard chickens: It’s complicated


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Don’t build a chicken coop yet, Hyattsville. It looks like legalizing backyard chickens is going to be more complicated than simply amending the city’s ban on them. At its Jan 21, 2020, Hyattsville City Council meeting, several city officials had issues with the proposal, sponsored by Councilor Daniel Schaible,...
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One thought on “Hyattsville and backyard chickens: It’s complicated

  1. Can’t say I disagree with Mr. Haba. If we simply remove the restriction and someone got 24 roosters that crowed every morning at 5am, what could the City do other than complain to the County. If someone got 180 chickens in their 30 sq. ft. back yard, what could code enforcement do? I’m not against chickens but just like with everything, all it takes is one or two bad eggs (!!!) to mess it up. I like the idea of the pushing the County to change it’s laws, then the City could put something in saying “no more than x number of chickens, must be kept in xxx enclosures, must have a yard capable to hosting chickens, must clean up after chicks, etc., etc.

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