Transit briefs: Hyattsville eyes bike racks, bus service


Michael Theis/Route 1 Reporter

A Hyattsville bike rack.

Hyattsville is trying to expand its network of familiar yellow bike racks.

The first round of this fiscal-year’s bike rack requests have been submitted to Arrow Bicycles for consideration, according to City Administrator Tracey Douglas. Hyattsville partners with Arrow Bicycle on the project. Under Hyattsville Bike Rack Request program, businesses and commercial property owners are able to apply for one or more free bike racks to be installed on or near their properties. The racks must be kept available for public use at any time.

Those wishing to request a bike rack can do so through the form on the city website, linked here.

Hyattsville Shuttle-UM service update

Hyattsville Shuttle-UM pass-holders say they value the extra transit option, but do not regularly use the University of Maryland bus service. During its Dec. 16, 2019, meeting, Hyattsville City Administrator Tracey Douglas said city staff had conducted a “survey” of Shuttle-UM riders in Hyattsville to better assess the utility of the service, which is normally only available to UMD students. A program, costing about $6,000 per year, lets Hyattsville residents who apply for a bus pass to ride the service for free. Hyattsville City Council is debating whether to extend the bus pass program into the next year. Additionally, Shuttle-UM officials told city staff that they would allow Hyattsville to pay a prorated rate to continue the program on a temporary basis while it considers its options. Background here.

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