PSA: See Riverdale Park Station’s new apartments in 3-D


A rendering of Riverdale Park Station's Phase II apartment buildings.

The developers behind Riverdale Park Station plan to build several-hundred new apartments on the property in the next few years. Now, courtesy of a new video from Prince George’s County Planning Department, you can get a feel for those plans rendered in three-dimensions.

The plan, dubbed phase two of the Riverdale Park Station development, calls for the construction of two multifamily buildings with 632 units, 195 of which are age-restricted senior living units. Phase two will be built on the 37 acres of land flanking the CSX overpass at the intersection of Van Buren Street and 47th Street. The plan includes a total of 791 parking spaces split between the buildings as well as 696 bicycle parking spaces. It also includes the installation of a restored trolley car near one of the buildings, envisioned as a retail or restaurant space. This plan was approved by the Prince George’s County Planning Board earlier this year.

In all, Riverdale Park Station will have 862 apartments when fully built out. An approximately 230-unit building near Rhode Island Avenue and Van Buren Street was previously approved as part of the projects first phase. Construction on that project is underway, albeit still in very early stages. It will wrap around an existing parking garage.

These renderings have become a common sight at Planning Board meetings, used to demonstrate the scale of proposed construction against existing surroundings. Recently, Planning Board staff have recently begun to sporadically upload them to YouTube, as well. Here’s one showing a planned apartment complex next to the College Park Metro Station:

Another shows the Largo Town Center concepts:

Somewhat oddly, county planners are also digging into the archives. A mere two months ago, they shared a video of the 2011 plans for Mosiac at College Park near Mowatt and Campus Drive.

And here’s the archival rendering for the Hyattsville Safeway along East-West Highway at University Town Center, a project that was under consideration way back in 2013 during my Hyattsville Patch days:

You can see other Prince George’s County Planning Board videos on their YouTube channel. However, uploads to the channel seem to be here-and-there; a mix of archival meeting footage, 3D renderings, and a smattering of recent events. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive library of meeting videos, the County Planning Board’s “meeting portal” is the place to go.

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