Hyattsville borrows for police, public works HQs

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Michael Theis/Route 1 Reporter

A Hyattsville City Police Department vehicle sits outside of Hyattsville City Hall.

Hyattsville City Council approved a measure to issue $13.8 million in debt for the renovation of the city’s Public Works Facility and the construction of a new police headquarters on Hamilton Street. As a result, it may be hard to borrow for other infrastructure projects in the city in...
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One thought on “Hyattsville borrows for police, public works HQs

  1. I’m curious how the city arrived at the $10.3 million figure for the police station — I’d be interested in seeing a breakdown of how that money would be spent. I couldn’t find any documents on the city’s website listing the costs, aside from a property condition report from a few years ago that seemed to list costs for asbestos remediation, code updates, system repairs, repairs, etc. at $2.2 million. Just wondering where that much higher number came from — are they planning drastic changes to the building/site?

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