600 Riverdale apartments, Hyattsville ‘Ale House’ get planning board hearing


Two major Route 1-corridor redevelopment projects will go before the Prince George’s County Planning Board in late July. 

The biggest project under consideration is a proposed detailed site plan for 630 new apartments at Riverdale Park Station’s eastern-most parcels. Plans submitted include a proposal to install a restored trolley car to be used as a restaurant or retail business. 

Additionally, the Planning Board will also consider a detailed site plan for an 8,285 square-foot Miller’s Ale House at the Mall at Prince George’s. Miller’s Ale House is a Florida-based brewery and restaurant chain with locations throughout the southeast.

The plans have not generated much pushback from surrounding neighborhoods, so expect them to be warmly received by the Planning Board. Both detailed site plans are set for consideration at the Planning Board’s July 25 meeting.

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