Data: Bowie 14-year-old is 165th pedestrian killed in Prince George’s since 2010

An aerial, satellite, top-down view shows a suburban intersection, two lanes wide each way at the center. A few tendrils of cul-de-sacs eminate from the avenues. This is suburbia.

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A motorist killed 14-year-old Kamal Nashid at this intersection in Bowie. Nashid is the 150th pedestrian to be killed by motorists in Prince George's County since 2010.

Correction: A tabulation error undercounted the number of pedestrians killed by motorists in Prince George’s County. Route 1 Reporter regrets the error. The article below has been edited to correctly count those incidents at the time this article was originally written.

A 14-year–old Bowie honors student, killed by a motorist June 15, is the 165th pedestrian to be killed by a motorist in Prince George’s County since 2010, according to a Route 1 Reporter database.

Kamal Nashid, who lived on Goodloes Promise Drive in Bowie, was jogging across Church Road near Farview Vista Drive when an unidentified motorist struck Nashid as he jogged across Church Road’s southbound lanes. According to Prince George’s County Police, Nashid was in the crosswalk and had already traveled across one full lane when he was struck. Police were called to the scene around 1:30 p.m.

Prince George’s County Police have not announced any charges against the driver.

Nashid is the eighth pedestrian to be killed by motorists in Prince George’s County this year. Since February, the last time Route 1 Reporter wrote about pedestrian fatalities, four pedestrians have been killed by cars in Prince George’s. In addition to Nashid, they include:

Additionally, in March, a driver critically injured 27-year-old man in a hit-and-run in Oxon Hill.

Route 1 Reporter has been tracking pedestrian fatalities in Prince George’s County. The bulk of the database, covering pedestrian fatalities recorded between January 2010 and June 2018, was obtained by a Public Information Act Request filed with the Prince George’s County Police Department. Since then, Route 1 Reporter has maintained the database with information provided by the Prince George’s County Police blog. You can view and download the data here.

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