3 thoughts on “Alleged ‘racist’ records request rocks Mount Rainier

  1. This woman is a terrible person. I was hoping after she was trounced during the election she would get the picture that no one wanted her involved in politics. It was also really disgusting that our mayor aligned with her during the election AND hasn’t bothered speaking out about this.

  2. Charnette Robinson is an asset to the Mount Rainier community. She has valid concerns regarding the City Council, and, as a retired DC police commander, has the intelligence and experience needed to effectively conduct municipal business.

    I applaud Ms. Robinson for her: dedication to the truth; unwavering quest for facts, documentation and accountability; and her strength and resilience against naysayers. Her political losses are a loss for
    Mount Rainier.

    • As I commented on another post, Ms. Robinson keeps losing these elections because people don’t much care for her ideas on citizen referendums or her attitude. Truth be told, she isn’t particularly pleasant to many people I’ve spoken to and actively blocks people on social media who disagree with her positions.

      That’s not someone who will make a good representative.

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