Alsobrooks says mystery poll is hers; Talks marijuana legalization, PGPD lawsuit

An African-American woman, Angela Alsobrooks, stands holding a microphone infront of a sign reading "Angela Alsobrooks for County Executive."

Fair use/Friends of Angela Alsobrooks

Prince George's Count Executive Angela Alsobrooks, seen here speaking at a campaign event in 2018.

Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks’ political committee is responsible for a phone poll asking detailed questions about local policy issues, including legalizing recreational marijuana and the relocation of the Washington Redskins. Route 1 Reporter first learned of the poll in late January. In addition to policy-oriented questions, it also asked several questions designed to assess the respondents’ feelings about Alsobrooks herself.

Multiple phone calls, emails, text messages and other attempts by Route 1 Reporter to contact Alsobrooks’ office for comment on the poll were met with silence.

But Alsobrooks could not stay silent on the matter on the Kojo Nnamdi Show’s Local Politics Hour on WAMU this past Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. There, co-host Tom Sherwood asked Alsobrooks about the poll, citing Route 1 Reporter’s earlier coverage.

“Is that your political committee’s poll?” Asked Sherwood.

“It is,” replied Alsobrooks. “Our political commitee – it was not a government poll – but what we are concerned about is making sure we are not only communicating with our citizens in the best way that is possible, but we also care what they care about.”

“It helps us not only as we communicate, but as we form policy, that we are meeting citizens – which we have done through community conversations and regular meetings – but we also take the opportunity to use the other tools we have to make sure we are hearing the citizens,” Alsobrooks continued.

Later, Sherwood asked if Alsobrooks could discuss one poll question asking the respondent to rate possible legislation legalizing recreational marijuana use for adults.

“Can you tell us what the results are, or are you still getting the results?” Asked Sherwood.

“I think the results are in line with what I think, and let me tell you what I think,” replied Alsobrooks. “I think that what adults choose to do in their time – be it smoke it, sprinkle it on cereal, whatever it is they do – I am concerned on the kids’ impact, the developmental impact, the ability to get a job. I think most people believe that adults and what they do with marijuana is the business of that adult.”

The entire interview is worth a listen for any Prince George’s County politicos. Alsobrooks also details a nuanced take on the discrimination lawsuit filed against Prince George’s County Police Department and expansion plans for the Capitol Beltway.

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