Beltway Plaza update: Hearing pushed back as Greenbelt Council weighs proposal

A large suburban strip mall is seen from above, at an angle. A sidewalk of street-facing retail, including a Shoe Show store, can be seen across a small two-lane circulator roadway.

Michael Theis/Route 1 Reporter

Beltway Plaza Mall is seen from the roof of its parking garage.

While there are concerns about density and other issues, Greenbelt’s City Council seems cautiously supportive of a proposed redevelopment for Beltway Plaza. The six-phase plan would add between 175 and 250 townhomes or quadplex units, between 875 and 2250 multi-family units, and replace the 800,000 square-foot central mall with...
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2 thoughts on “Beltway Plaza update: Hearing pushed back as Greenbelt Council weighs proposal

  1. I don’t understand Rodney Roberts concerns about not having enough public resources, such as police, to cover this development. Surely the taxes paid on the new properties will allow for the hiring of new police officers, etc. My hope for this development is that the housing will include affordable units so that Greenbelt continues to be the vibrant, diverse community it is. If all we get are luxury apartment rentals and condos, the city could end up turning into a place that can only be afforded by a select few. That would be a shame.

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