Reporter’s Notebook: Busy week ahead as Thanksgiving looms


Michael Theis/Route 1 Reporter

While it may be a short, feast-filled week for most of us, there’s a lot of news ahead as local governments get affairs in order as the winter season rolls in.

But first up, let’s run down the big stories of the past week:

Our top story looked at Amazon’s decision to split its second headquarters between New York City and Crystal City, Virginia, with a focus on how the decision may impact Prince George’s County. The good news: Amazon’s decision to locate in Crystal City will likely impact Prince George’s County less heavily than other communities closer in to “National Landing.” The bad news: Prince George’s County will still be impacted, with an increase in the expected numbers of new residents to move here. How that will shake out remains to be seen.

In Berwyn Heights, the fallout from Mayor Lynn White’s controversial pocket veto of a $1.1 million bond measure continues. This past week, Berwyn Heights Town Council gave preliminary approval to a Charter amendment that would allow the Mayor Pro Tem to execute legislation approved by Council. This kind of story gets to the heart of some basic questions about representative democracy at the local level: How much power should a Mayor have?

College Park had a worksession last week, where they also discussed a potential amendment to its Charter to increase Council terms from two years to four years, staggered. Presently, all of College Park’s nine Council members must run for re-election every two years.

This week, Hyattsville and College Park all have Council meetings scheduled. Hyattsville, which meets Nov. 19, 2018, will be considering a number of topics Route 1 Reporter has already covered, including a measure providing feedback on plans to link the Trolley Trail to the Anacostia Tributary Trail System along Rhode Island Avenue; overhauls to the city’s election and campaign finance regulations; and the city’s long-term transportation plan. College Park will be reviewing conceptual plans for its new City Hall, as well as streetscape improvements to the Hollywood Commercial District.

Additionally, I am working on a number of stories outside of the news cycle as well. Topics include a histographic look at Metrorail traffic on the Green Line (and the rest of the region), local bicycle infrastructure, and a followup story examining sexual harassment policies in place in Mount Rainier. Otherwise, Route 1 Reporter will be taking Thursday and Friday off! Coverage resumes Monday after the holiday!

That about does it for this week’s update. Thanks again for your continued patronage of Route 1 Reporter. Your support goes a long way.


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