Monday Map: P.G. Council district seat primary results

If you want to make sense of how Prince George's County Council's primary election shook out for district seats, you've come to the right place. I've created a choropleth map, embedded below, that charts out the relative performance of the winners of Prince George's County Council district seats (but, importantly,...
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2 thoughts on “Monday Map: P.G. Council district seat primary results

  1. In addition to the fact that residents of the City of Hyattsville had first-hand positive experience regarding the abilities of their mayor, City of Hyattsville residents were also better equipped from personal knowledge and experience than those in the unincorporated areas, in the final weeks, to recognize and counter lies that the incumbent told, both about her own record and about her opponent. The difference between this race and the previous one for this office (which was won by same winner by only six votes) is that in the previous race the smear campaign was done by a PAC so that the person benefiting from the lies could accurately say (as was said on my own front porch when I stated why I wouldn’t vote for her), “That wasn’t me. I didn’t do that.” The only “positive” thing I can say about this year is that, in an election year when many good candidates’ reputations were smeared by PACs (which are not accountable to their chosen candidate), the smearing of yet another outstanding candidate running for Council District 2, was done by the winner herself rather than a PAC. Although nothing can be done about the lies against a reputable candidate, some are saying that they will hold this winner responsible for actually coming through with the things she claims to have already done, particularly with regard to our schools.

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