Fed up with Hyattsville, WSSC property-owner closes parking lot


A rendering of townhomes proposed to be built on a parking lot that's part of the long-abandoned WSSC offices in Central Hyattsville. Illustration courtesy Werrlein Properties and the City of Hyattsville.

Reacting to local opposition to redevelopment plans for his property, the owner of a long-abandoned Hyattsville office complex will close public access to a large parking lot next to Magruder Park. Pictured above: A rendering of a residential redevelopment proposal for the long-abandoned WSSC offices in Hyattsville. This parking lot has...
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3 thoughts on “Fed up with Hyattsville, WSSC property-owner closes parking lot

  1. Honestly, I think it’s fair for him to do this if public use if that lot is being cited as a reason people do not want to see the land redeveloped. He’s not making any money off that property. He has a right to protect his investment.

  2. Yuh knoscwhat woukd be sweet, though? If Jemel cared even half as much about developing his holdings in Riverdale Park, the majority of which have been standing empty the entire 13 years I’ve lived here 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • WSSC building has you beat by 7 years! What developer will even think about developing the property now? Will stand empty for another 20 years – hope I’m wrong.

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