Rethinking Greenbelt Road

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Cars drive along a moderately-congested Greenbelt Road, a six-lane suburban throughway overlooking a green horizon.

Michael Theis/Route 1 Reporter

Cars drive along Greenbelt Road near Beltway Plaza.

Greenbelt Road could be redesigned to attract new development and improve bicycle, pedestrian and mass transit connections. But that will require a big political commitment from the municipalities that line the corridor. That’s the conclusion drawn from two days of meetings conducted by the Urban Land Instititute’s Washington, D.C., office...
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One thought on “Rethinking Greenbelt Road

  1. There really need to be better bike/pedestrian routes along that corridor. There really are no good bike/pedestrian paths from the Greenbelt metro station into Greenbelt, or Berwyn Heights. It isolates this area from the rest of northern Prince George’s County in this way. Hyattsville, CP, RP, Bladensburg, Mt. Rainier are all so connected by trails. I’d love to see that move further into BH and Gbelt (it kind of terminates at Artemesia).

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